Film-making was never the plan. It wasn't even a consideration. I consider myself first and foremost, a writer. I would have never imagined that my need to constantly create would guide me down the path of filmmaking. 

I still remember the night I was first intrigued by the art-form, it was in 2008, as I watched '12 Angry Men', I remember being fascinated at the idea that someone could write a story contained in one room and make it so darned exciting. That drove me to write my short story, 'The Chair' in 2009 which I later turned into s short film script in 2010. Being involved in the pre-production process of what later became known as 'When Angels Sing' gave me a buzz which had only been achieved by my fantasy stories. The day I knew what I wanted to do was make films, was the day I watched Inception for the first time. As the credits rolled I knew I wanted attempt to have a room full of people utterly captivated by my words and my imagery. 

Creativity has always been within me, from wanting to write songs, to choreographing dances with friends, I have always wanted to express myself through a creative art-form. 

In 2016, I took the plunge and founded PhoenixWorksFilms Ltd. with a few friends and , wrote, co-produced and directed my first short film, 'Cain'. Since then, I have written, directed and co-produced, 'The Bear', 'I'll Always Love Tuesday's', 'The Chair' and 'Persephone'. 

I have also expanded my production work and co-produced 'Ride With the Guilt' directed by Dario Bocchini through my production company PhoenixWorksFilms.

2021 is proving to be an exciting year with 'Azrael' written and co-produced by me and Dario Bocchini and directed by Ewa Habdas. In addition, I have two other projects slated for 2021, one a Harry Potter inspired web-series scheduled to be shot in March and later on in the year an epic inspired fairytale short film 'Bluebeard'.

IMG_20210912_115354 (1)
Liam Joseph on the set of 'The Bear'
Crew on the set of 'The Bear'
Victor on the set of 'Cain'
Mark Matthews on the set of 'Cain'
Crew on the set of 'The Bear'