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La Armada

You jest, my king?

Not in a million years would we sing

Songs of praise, not even an embrace

To our brothers, sisters and mothers

Surely you jest, my king?

You cannot send our men to sea

To cross and see

A thousand things

No joy, no hope would this bring

For in my dreams I see a thousand things

A Crimson blanket along the sea,

Blood of our brethren dissipating,

Could our King's madness

Truly be a real thing!

Surely you jest, my king?

The look in your eyes is a troublesome thing,

And nothing to change his mind I can bring.

So send your men far out to sea

To conquer the lands of the Elizabethan Queen.

They may cross and see a marvelous thing,

Though I believe to send Medina Sidonia

Is ludicrous beyond belief, my King

For only death and humiliation could this possibly bring.

I close this note

With one last thing,

Fear tells me you do not jest,

My nonsensical King.

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